Slump Trax Digital release on SuperPang, 2023.
The Worm CD + digital on SuperPang, 2022.
Speed Snake Cassette on Cejero, 2021.
Eight-O-Eight Mix Mixtape for MBE Series, 2021.
The Chord Catalogue for Eight-O-Eight 2 x CD set, 2021.
Turtle Trax Digital release on SuperPang, 2020.
SOUP Mentasmic MIDI sequencer, 2020.
DIAG909 Digital release on Diagonal, 2020.
Goofy Tape Digital release on SuperPang, 2020.
Madball Manners Digital release on Poonex Globo, 2020.
HARDCORE vol. 4 A collection of zipped rarities, 2020.
Wabbit Trax 2 Digital release on Diagonal, 2019.
Sense títol Laser installation at Museu de Tortosa, Eufňnic, 2019.
GRM Trax 4 x CD set, 2019.
Wabbit Trax Digital release on Diagonal, 2018.
HARDCORE vol. 3 A collection of zipped rarities, 2018.
Ideal Acid Yellow vinyl 12" acid megamix on iDEAL Records, 2018.
Sn50 #3 Published by Gang of Ducks. 48-page booklet + cassette. 2018.
Those Trax Remixes from Mike Dred, Mark Broom, Drvg Cvltvre, 12", 2018.
Take Flat Digital release on FLUF, 2018.
HARDCORE vol. 2 A collection of zipped rarities, 2017.
Like living in a world made of rubber Limited edition black cotton tote bag, 2017.
Tunnel Flop Anňmia / Elastic Floor, 2017, cassette + digital.
Plec Elŕstic Roc Jiménez de Cisneros solo show at Arts Santa Mňnica, Barcelona, 02.02 - 09.04.2017
AAnc1ent VVA®Z 4 Aancient Vvars, 2016, digital.
Right Frankfurt Diagonal, 2016, 12".
Presto!? 27 Red mug on Presto!?.
Do These Presto!?, 2016. Digital / vinyl.
Moc installation / elastic happening as part of Mil Cavalls de Potencia, June 2016.
HARDCORE vol. 1 A collection of zipped rarities, 2016.
In Disarray 015 mix for In Disarray.
Pink Freud 4 / HSOC installation by Sergi Botella & Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Visceral Blue. La Capella, Barcelona, 2016.
Pareidolia in Recent Rave Synthesis Screened at SONM, Murcia, February 2016.
Right These FCOU, 2016, digital.
Opus17aSlimeVariation#7 GMEBOGOSSE, 2015, digital.
Also House New York Haunted, 2015, cassette / digital.
BUS17a BUS Editions, 2015, 12".
Flapper That Diagonal, 2015, 12".
Melting Pinkness Hypermedium, 2015, 12".
Algo Fluorescente Multichannel installation at Laboral, Gijón, July-August 2015.
Hardly Itself Guy Birkin and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Booklet. ALKU.
Purple Melters iDEAL Recordings, 2015, 12".
Rave Synthesis Approximations of György Ligeti's Continuum, Part IV Khalija, 2015, cassette.
Opus17aSlimeVariation#4 Lateral Addition, 2015, digital.
Kobol-acid-inflatable-jump multichannel piece for RSF Kobol, 2015.
Hyperobject-2 digital / print, 2014.
Wormhole Shubz - 2014 edition Entr'acte, 2014, digital + booklet.
Pareidolia in Recent Rave Synthesis Video piece. September 2014, ICA, London.
Rephrased Hiker Porn print, 2014.
Hyperobject 1 at OFF SENSES | FUTURE SENSES, august 2014, GEMAK, The Hague.
Hyperobject 1 at Art Brussels, april 2014, Brussels.
Bouncy Approximations mix for Clubbingspain, 2014, digital.
Untitled tracks for Serafín Álvarez's Maze Walkthrough, real-time 3D game/environment.
Untitled installation on ˇVolumen!, January 2014, La Casa Encendida, Madrid.
Mix for the Diagonal Rave Tapes boxset, Reel Torque, 2014.
Arid Sphere Perk Horn track on Tunnels, Unsound/The Wire, 2014.
Fresh Rectum track on Soup of Freak Rainbow Bridge, 2014, cassette.
Wakikizek Browsing track on No Bullshit, for Zbigniew Karkowski, 2014.
Three hundred grams of latex and steel in one day – outtakes track on Music Made With Balloon And/Or Needle B&N, 2014, CD.
Something Inflatable ALKU 129, 2013, LP.
Mad Fold-In Sludge Tapes, 2013, cassette.
Persisting Pinkness Last Foundation, 2013, cassette.
Harder Posher Pinker RRS, 2013, digital.
iDEAL mixtape eleven: EVOL acid megamix iDEAL Recordings, 2013, digital.
Sense títol Munt, 2013, cassette.
Proper Headshrinker Editions Mego, 2013, LP and digital.
Rave Synthesis Approximations of György Ligeti's Continuum, Part III Ursonate 0003, 2013, digital.
Hyperobject-1 digital / print, 2013.
Rave Synthesis Approximations of György Ligeti's Continuum, Part II EMY, 2013, cassette.
Untitled tracks for Ben Vida and Jeff DeGolier's Metal Fatigue Music (1992 Toyota Previa). Audio Visual Arts, New York. May 2013.
Like a balloon producing balloons, producing balloons Recurrence, repetition, hypnosis & ritual. Färgfabriken, Stockholm, 2012.
Right Nightmare, with 20 locked groove remixes by Russell Haswell ALKU, 2012, 12".
For Seth Putnam track on Hans Trapp Le Petit Mignon, 2012, print + 7".
Ultra Sours track on The Art of Rave m.m, 2013, cassette.
It's Horny video on the BUS 1 poster folder BUS, 2013.
Ruff Mix FACT, 2012, digital.
Continuum, expanded Part of Sound Spill curated by Haroon Mirza, Thom O’Nions and Richard Sides. Galerie West, Den Haag.
8052 events By Ruben Patińo & Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Den Haag, November 2012.
Mentasmic Score for Wave Field Synthesis System Game Of Life, Den Haag. Premiered June 2012 in Barcelona.
A very short proof of Forester's rigidity result by Mark Fell and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. ZKM, Karlsruhe. 2012.
Wormhole Shubz Entr'acte, 2011, CD.
100 variations for solo hoover Reductive Music, limited edition recordable CD cards, 2011.
Rave Synthesis Approximations of György Ligeti's Continuum Sound Proof, 2011, cassette.
Three hundred grams of latex and steel in one day (redux) track on Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 2011 Rough Trade, CD.
Three hundred grams of latex and steel in one day ALKU 111, 2011, 7".
Bastardi Sferici, piece for the PARADOXES series at the Ravenna Planetarium, commissioned by Lorenzo Senni.
Continuum, expanded Installation for the Sound Proof 4 group show, London. 13 November to 11 December 2011.
Tetralemma + Tetrafluoroethane For Lampo, Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Chicago. October 2011.
Stroop Anthem #1 Video at MK Gallery, London.
Head Office Transformation by Mark Fell / EVOL. ALKU 75, 2010, cassette.
Rave Slime ALKU 103, 2010, 12".
Untitled Anthem Study on Composing With Process # 2.2. Curated by Joe Gilmore and Mark Fell. MACBA, 2010.
Two conspicuous vocalisation posets. Site specific piece, Sheffield's Winter Garden, 13/06/10. Curated by Mat Steel & Mark Fell.
A very short proof of Forester's rigidity result by Mark Fell and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros in Istanbul. May 22 - September 19, 2010.
Displacement vectors, acoustic Piece for headphones, Spor Festival, Aarhus.
Hands in the air, reach for the laser Installation at Diapason Gallery, New York. March 2010.
Ballooney Punani in There is no solution because there is no problem, Sheffield, 2010.
Ten canisters of pressurized tetrafluoroethane over three weeks ALKU 89, 2009, 7".
Fart Synthesis Presto!?, 2009, cassette.
Punani Xerrameca ALKU 85, 2009, 10".
Thunder Bollocks by Mark Fell / EVOL ALKU 71, 2009, cassette.
Studies for Untitled Punani Scramblings For Tolga Taluy's group show mybiennialisbetterthanyours. Xth Biennale de Lyon. 2009.
Punani 7 excerpt track on Thomas Bey William Bailey's MICRO-BIONIC Creation Books, 2009.
And so on, to viscosity track on Batterie Faible compilation 4ninabis, 2009, 12".
Punani Rubber Ist Entr'acte 54, 2008, CD.
Untitled track on Scott Haggart's 1:17 Diskono, 2008, 12".
Each absolute and point of an atriodic irreducible continuum is an end point by Mark Fell / EVOL ALKU 67, 2008, cassette.
Pangolin-Unicorn-Nefarious-Arc-Nazgulian-Iridescence Skyndo 006, 2008, digital.
A very short proof of Forester's rigidity result. Mark Fell & Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. International Art Biennial of Seville. 2008.
The Flying Scotchman for The Flying Dutchman on Michaël Sellam's We came in peace. Pascal Van Hoecke Gallery, Paris. 2007.
Faroese Punani Rendition Remix for the Goodiepal on #2 of Veneer Magazine. 2007, 5".
Rohirian Punani Rendition Remix for the Goodiepal on Can Buy Me Love IV Digital Vomit Records, 2007, 2 x CD.
Punani Quatre ALKU 61, 2006, CD.
Magia Potagia Mego 038, 2005, CD.
Punani Shell Scarcelight 019, 2004, CD.
Super Punani fals.ch, 2003, digital.
Jiggerypokery track on FULL, Antifrost, 2003, CD.
(341+27+91)-(154)-(100x3)+(1) track on fb50 fals.ch, 2003, 3" CD-ROM).
Abracadabra track on It's Fan-Dabi-dozi!, V/Vm Test Records, 2003, 2 x CD.
Hokus Pokus track on International Compilation 4, Alienation, 2002, CD.
1, 10 track on fb25 fals.ch, 2001, 3" CD-ROM.
Untitled fals.ch, 2001, digital.
Wasitaratisaw track on I Love Fantasy, Lucky Kitchen, 2001, CD.
Principio Mego 018, 1999, 3" CD.

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