Hands in the air, reach for the laser
Computer-generated piece for 12-channel diffusion system.
Diapason Gallery, New York. March 2010.
NOTE: This piece was presented together with 'Colour Projections' by Theo Burt.

In physics, a multistable system is that which is neither stable nor totally unstable, constantly shifting between various mutually exclusive states, as a result of the coexistence of several system attractors. "Hands in the air, reach for the laser" uses generative algorithms to implement this behaviour in the synthesis, organisation and diffusion of its sounds. The output of each speaker constantly shifts between different states, thus changing the listener's perception of the system, which sometimes appears as an organised whole, and others as a juxtaposition of isolated, independent sources or subgroups engaging in complex trajectories and subroutines.

The system's initial state (channels, event number, tempi, pan adjustment, end order)

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