Continuum, expanded
Mixed media, 2011-2015.

Continuum, expanded is a mixed media work that takes György Ligeti's Continuum (1968) as a starting point, tackling questions about metrics, discreteness, time, and cultural heritage. Ligeti's piece served as the backdrop for an essay and a series of rave synthesis approximations to the original score.

This piece has been presented in these shows:
Sound Proof 4 (London, November 2011, curated by Monica Biagioli)
Sound Spill (Den Haag, January 2012; curated by Haroon Mirza, Thom O'Nions and Richard Sides)
The Experimental Music Yearbook (Los Angeles, February 2013; curated by Scott Cazan. Thanks to Wyatt Keusch & Casey Anderson)
Sound Spill (New York, May 2013)
The Experimental Music Yearbook (San Francisco, May 2013)
Continuum (Barcelona, July 2015)

A number of versions/approximations to 'Continuum' by Sharp/Jiménez de Cisneros have been published on cassette for some of the shows. Visitors were encouraged to take a copy of the tape home. In April 2015, Khalija Records published yet another cassette with more approximations.

Download the latest version of the essay in PDF here.

Tapes at the Sound Proof show, London. Spatial concept by Richard Sides and Anna Ramos.

Limited edition chrome tape made for Sound Proof.

Strobe-washed audience at Galerie West, Den Haag. January 2012. Photo by Ed Jansen.

Printed essays and limited edition tape made for The Experimental Music Yearbook, Los Angeles.

Apology letter to the heirs of Ligeti for the Sound Spill catalogue.


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