Right These New digital release on FCOU.
Slime Aesthetics New essay by Alexander Iadarola.
Opus17aSlimeVariation#7 New track on GMEBOGOSSE.
Also House New tape on New York Haunted.
BUS17a New 12" on BUS Editions.
Flapper That New 12" on Diagonal.

Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp make mentasmic computer music and deconstructed rave objects.

Keywords: chronodyslexia, rave, synthesis, elasticity, time dilation, chronesthesia, goo, hoover, hoover-stretching, hyperobject, slime, psychedelia, fractal, upward spiral, downward spiral, warping, hooliganism, horns, horny, kaiju, tetrafluoroethane, acid, climax, freeze-frame, recursive, poing, non-anthem, strobe, party boobytrap, fold-in, continuum, squashed, monolith, asymmetry, homeomorphic, recurrence, fluorescence, psy-donk.

EU bookings ☞ katarzyna ((at)) annexagency ((dot)) co ((dot)) uk
Contact ☞ slimerave ((at)) gmail ((dot)) com


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