Plec Elàstic
Acid mereotopology on hole complexion
Roc Jiménez de Cisneros solo show at Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, 02.02 - 09.04.2017
Curated by Sonia Fernández Pan as part of The more we know about them, the stranger they become.

What is a hole? This seemingly simple question leads immediately to the following problem: can we ontologically define what a hole is, given its enormous degree of dependence on the matter in which it takes shape? Could they be entities deprived of material constitution that, however, cannot exist independently of a material support? Could they be objects that need other objects in orderto exist? What are their consequences with regard to matter and the production of objects? What are their intrinsic qualities? Is a hole a physical manifestation of absence? With regard to matter, is it host or guest? Does its status as an opening imply a possibility for meeting between the surface and the interior of things? How can those holes that are not on the surface be found? Are they always visible to human beings? Could holes signify a paradigm shift with respect to our considerations about matter as something solid and compact? Could it be that matter needs them to exist as much as holes need matter?

Donuts: Petros Paschalidis
Video: Nikolaus Gradwohl
Sculpture consultant: Santiago Doljanin
3D print: Amir Gazit
Silkscreen prints: Oriol Tresserras i Xavier Todó, Taller Vallirana
UV consultant: Miguel Ángel de Heras
Laser consultant: Tom Slater

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