Rephrased Hiker Porn (2014, print).

Limited edition of 75. Measurements: 335 x 460 mm.
Silkscreened with a custom made gorse pigment on premium quality 310 gsm Magnani paper made of cotton and alpha cellulose.
The culmination of the Proper Headshrinker trilogy is a poster containing our 16 favorite anagrams of the words "proper headshrinker".
Printed by Oriol Tresserra and Xavier Todó at Vallirana in Barcelona. Special thanks to Ricardo Duque.
NOTE: The picture below is a digital rendition, not a scan of the actual print. The print is way more awesome.


NOTE: shipped in heavy duty cardboard tubes for optimal protection.
Leave under some books after unrolling.
After 3 days the print will go back to its normal flatness.

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