Pangolin-Unicorn-Nefarious-Arc-Nazgulian-Iridescence (Skyndo 05, 2008, digital release).
For solo computer. Total running time: 18'36"

Punani series part 6

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This piece is an edit from various recording sessions made in early 2003 during the production of the Magia Potagia album (Mego 038, 2005). The material did not make it to that CD, and was heavily edited and released on the "Void/Full" double CD compilation published by Antifrost Records in 2003. A raw printout of some of the group's first generative programs rather than a composed piece, these audio fragments document the first stages of the Punani series.

Recorded March-April 2003 in Barcelona. Edited January-April 2008 in various locations.
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