SOUP (2020, MIDI sequencer).

SOUP is a semi-stubborn MIDI sequencer based on Hanne Darboven's Opus 17a. It can generate a number of patterns derived from the notes in Darboven's score. The seven colour-coded knobs on the box can be used to tweak the order, speed and frequency of the notes, as well as the MIDI channels they are played through.

SOUP sends out MIDI events over USB and it can be used to sequence software synths, drum machines, hardware synths, modular systems, lights, etc. It's all about how you route it.

SOUP is enclosed in a custom-milled rugged black aluminium box with 7 colour-coded pots.
It comes with a 40 minute long demo tape, featuring excerpts and examples of SOUP sequencing various synths, drum machines and the like.

SOUP is part of Opus17a Slime Variations, our series of reinterpretations of Darboven's Opus 17a.
SOUP is an ultra-limited edition only a handful of them will be for sale.


It's hard to demonstrate what SOUP does or can do, since it largely depends on what you do with the patterns it generates, but here are some excerpts from the accompanying demo tape, where SOUP is driving synths and drum machines and that:

Please note these examples are kinda random configurations. Remember, you decide how to use those streams of MIDI data that SOUP creates. You can download the user's manual PDF here. It features a more detailed overview of each of its functions, as well as some basic configuration ideas.

Special thanks to Anna Ramos, Frederic Van de Velde, Peter Fengler, Albert Tarrats, Pedro Pineda & TMDC.
Designed and assembled by hand in Barcelona.

(In case you're wondering):

Where is the audio out?
There isn't one. SOUP generates the patterns as MIDI data. You decide what to do with them. The manual comes with a few example ideas. Feel free to get in touch for more if you need to.

Will it always play Opus 17a?
Not unless you want it to. SOUP uses Opus 17a as a starting point, but it's more like a crazy pattern generator.

How do I enter my own sequence?
SOUP is not that kind of sequencer. Think of it more like an unpredictable pattern box.

Can I use it to trigger ******** (enter fancy synth name here)?
If it's software (Max/MSP, SuperCollider, Reaper, Pd, Live, whatever VST/AU) you want to control, then 100% YES. If it's hardware, most likely yes. SOUP sends MIDI notes, so if your synth understands MIDI, it's just a matter of routing the MIDI signal through the right hardware/software.

How do I power it?
SOUP is bus powered, so it does not require an external power source. It uses a micro USB cable to get power from a computer and to send MIDI data.

Can I get it with a USB-C cable instead of USB-A?
Sure, just drop us an email when you order it.

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