Tunnel Flop, Anòmia / Elastic Floor, 2017.

Custom RGB+G laser box. May 2017.

TUTU, 'Cornish-EVOL shirt' @ Moog, Barcelona. April 2017.

'Plec Elàstic' @ Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona. February 2017.

The more we know about them, the stranger they become

Custom square donuts for 'Plec Elàstic'.

S+R at Cafe Oto, December 2016. Photo by Dimitri Djuric.

Laser madness at Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf, November 2016. Photo by Phillip Schulze.

Red mug to celebrate the release of Do These, Presto!?, August 2016.

Press release for Do These, Presto!?. Text by Dale Cornish. Excerpt. 2016.

Clap QR at Hangar, Barcelona, July 2016.

RGBM Laser at the Graham Foundation, Chicago, February 2016.

Cover detail, Melting Pinkness Hypermedium, 2015, 12".

Setup at Helsingor, Denmark, May 2015.

Sticker for Purple Melters on iDEAL Recordings, Sweden.

Laser @ Apiary Studios, London, April 2015. pic by Kenny Love.

Laser @ Apiary Studios, London, April 2015. pic by Kenny Love.

Laser smiley @ Apiary Studios, London, April 2015.

Rabbit @ Midway Art, Minneapolis, January 2015. Photo by Sean Smuda.

Recording session in Barcelona, February 2015.

Greeting slide for the talk 'Like a surface waiting for holes', January 2015.

S is for Salamina. Laser at the Salamina opening party, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, December 2014. Photo by Laura Llaneli.

Strobe warning at Festival of Endless Gratitude, Copenhagen, November 2014. Photo by Emil Kragh-Schwarz.

Fan feedback @ Unsound, Krakow, October 2014.

Strobe + padded multicolour floor @ LABoral, Gijón, June 2014.

Audience with refraction glasses @ Secció Irregular, Barcelona, April 2014.

Horn + donut @ Yale Union, Portland, April 2014.

Rabbit suit before the show @ Unsound NY, New York, April 2014.

Italian Rabbit + strobes @ Future Everything, Manchester, March 2014.

Hangar, Barcelona, March 2014. Photo: José Aristizábal.

Strobe warning @ NEXT, Bratislava, December 2013.

Custom hoovers, Basel. October 2013.

Sónar, Barcelona. June 2013.
Photo by Diego Bustamante.

Sónar, Barcelona. June 2013.
Photo by Diego Bustamante.

Audiopantalla, Barcelona. June 2013.
Photo by Diego Bustamante.

Poster for the show at Knot Gallery, Athens, February 2013

Proof of Concept #1, Barcelona. December 2012.
Photo by Diego Bustamante.

Rubén adjusting speakers for '8052 events', Den Haag. November 2012.

Peanuts and synths for '8052 events', Den Haag. November 2012.

Vaporised tetrafluorethane, 'Sense títol' at Munt, Barcelona. October 2012.
Photo by Diego Bustamante.

Glow in the dark paint for 'Sense títol' at Munt, Barcelona. October 2012.
Photo by Diego Bustamante.

Strobe-washed audience at Galerie West, Den Haag, for the premiere of Continuum Expanded. January 2012.
Photo by Ed Jansen.

Cap Sembrat festival, Moog Club, Barcelona, December 2011.
Photo by Diego Bustamante.

Virtual Class Cocktails laser show, Raum, Bologna, November 2011.
Props to Lorenzo, Alessandro and Emanuele! Photo by Gaetano Cammarota.

Alloa studio

Stephen under the studio desk, Alloa, July 2011.

Sonar 2011

Barcelona, June 2011.
Photo by Juan Sala.

Smoke machine show at NK

Audience + smoke machine. Berlin, May 2011.
Photo by Aniana Heras.

Balloon show at Ausland

Balloon show at Ausland, Berlin, May 2011.
Photo by Aniana Heras.

Arts Space Mullae

Seoul, November 2010.

Book Society

Talk @ The Book Society, Seoul, November 2010.

Horn performance. Premiere of 'Ten canisters...' (La Felpa, Barcelona, 2010)


Rotherham, September 2010.


Leeds, August 2010.
Photo by Joe Gilmore.

Hannover poster

Hannover poster.

The Woodmill, Heat Haze event

London, August 2010.
Photo by Paul Emery.

Una tarda ALKU a NK

Berlin, July 2010.


Hannover, July 2010.


Berlin, November 2009.
Photo by Aniana Heras.

Testing a new horn. Berlin, 2009


Jakob + Roc, Tokyo, November 2009.


Tokyo, November 2009.

Expclub talk

Lecture at Experimenta Club, Barcelona.
October 2009. Photo by Anki Toner.

Presto!? Tour

Wiese, Jiménez de Cisneros, Senni.
Milano, October 2009.

Presto!? Tour

Senni, Jiménez de Cisneros, Wiese.
Vittorio Veneto, October 2009.

Presto!? Tour

Ravenna, October 2009.

Presto!? Tour

Ferrara, October 2009.

Sound Mirrors Mini Tour

Fell, Jiménez de Cisneros, Gilmore.
Hull sound mirror, September 2009.

Sound Mirrors Mini Tour

Brighton, September 2009.

Sound Mirrors Mini Tour

Birmingham, September 2009.

SND Studios event: Pita, Goodiepal, EVOL

Rehberg, J. de Cisneros, Vester. Sheffield.
July 2009. Phone pic by Joe Gilmore.

Lieu Commun, Triangular Grand Velocity Tour

Toulouse, May 2009.

Data, Triangular Grand Velocity Tour

Marseille, May 2009.

Leslie recording session

Miguel, Barcelona.
April 2009. Photo by Roc.

LESS-LETHAL talk at Videotage

LESS-LETHAL talk. Hong Kong.
January 2009. Photo by Carol.

Generative music workshop @ Hangar

Generative music workshop, Barcelona.
December 2009. Photo by Eduard Aylon.

Horns @ MRC

Recording session at York University MRC.
December 2009. Photo by Roc.

Three pieces for unattended, somewhat attended and attended computer at SND Studio in Sheffield

Sheffield, December 2008.
Photo by Tom Knapp.

ENJOY night, Cardigan Road Squat party in Leeds

Paul, Joe, Roc, Mark. ENJOY night, Leeds.
November 2008. Photo by Tom Knapp.

Sines at the MRC

Sine Wave Study Group, York MRC.
November 2008.

Kvitnu Fest, Kiev

Kiev, October 2008.
Unknown photographer.

Bears Osaka

Osaka, October 2008.

Sheffield event invite, December 2008

The Morning Line @ BIACS, Sevilla

Hecker, Myatt, Jiménez de Cisneros.
Sevilla, Oct 08. Photo by Mark Fell.

La Casa Encendida, Madrid

Madrid, July 2008.

CASM-Hangar 2008

Barcelona, June 2008.


Pato + Roc, triangle study.
Photo by Roc.

Charging the new horn, Tiana, May 2008

Tiana, May 2008.

Ceiling dust after show. Strange Attraction Tour. A Coruña November 2007

Ceiling bits after Pato + EVOL show.
Fundación Luis Seoane, A Coruña.

Acoustic set @ Wallywoods. Roc + Pato

(Pato + Roc) Berlin, April 2008.

Fylkingen, Stockholm, March 2008

Stockholm, March 2008.
Photo by Roc.

Super Deluxe, Tokyo, January 2008

Tokyo, January 2008.

Strange Attraction Tour, Madrid, November 2007

(Pato + Roc) Madrid, November 2007.
Photo by Aniana Heras.

Strange Attraction Tour, Bilbao, November 2007

Bilbao, November 2007.
Unknown photographer.

Glade festival, England, July 2007

Berkshire, England, July 2007.
Photo by Mat Steel.

White Noise, Hong Kong, July 2007

Hong Kong, July 2007.

Sala Castelló, Barcelona, April 2007

Barcelona, April 2007.
Photo by Miguel Rivero.

Red Rose Club, London, March 2007

London, March 2007.

Yu Yin Tang, Shanghai, August 2006

Shanghai, August 2006.
Photo by Cao Junjun.

Yu Yin Tang, Shanghai, August 2006

Shanghai, August 2006.

Club Transmediale, Berlin, February 2006.

Berlin, February 2006.
Photo by Ignacio Garcia.

Staalplaat, Berlin, February 2006.

Berlin, February 2006.
Photo by Kyd Campbell.

Anna + Roc. La Pedrera, Barcelona, March 2004.

(Anna + Roc) Barcelona, March 2004.

Detroit Art Center, Detroit, March 2004.

Detroit, March 2004.

Geneve, January 2004.

Geneve, January 2004.
Video still by Olivier Schulbaum.

Joe + Roc. Brussels, December 2004.

(Joe + Roc) Brussels, December 2004.
Photo by Wendy Van Wynsberghe.

Andy + Roc. Sónar 2003. Barcelona, June 2003.

(Andy + Roc) Barcelona, June 2003.
Photo by Javier Tles.

Moog Club, 1999.

Barcelona, 1999.
Photo by Martí Manen.

Rhiz Club, February 1999.

Vienna, February 1999.
Photo by Tina Frank.

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