Recorded at Corsica Studios, London, 31-05-2014 as part of a Diagonal night also featuring (in alphabetical order) Powell, Raime, Russell Haswell, and Vereker. Published by Reel Torque, October 2014.

Track list
Mike Dearborn - Move (Mind Burn Mixx)
X-101 - Sonic Destroyer
Tronik House - Spark Plug (Detroit Mix)
Lost - Ten Commandments
DJ Hyperactive - Chicago
Adam X - Trespass
Mike Dearborn - Rubberman Band
Joey Beltram - Game Form (Mike Dearborn Remix)
Carlos Peron - Power Transfer
Karl O'Connor, Peter Sutton & Ian J. Richardson - Death Head Said
Spasms - Krypton
Woody Mcbride - Basketball Heroes
Fix - Flash
Holy Noise - Dreams of Santa Anna (Underground Mix)
Joey Beltram - Ball Park
Acid Junkies - Another 7
E-Dancer - Velocity Funk
DJ Skull - Circuit Breaker
Joey Beltram - Game Form
Mantra - How 2 House
Object One - Ping Pong
Robert Hood - Unix
Robert Hood - SH 101
Robert Hood - Rhythm of Vision
Sample Syndicate - Tbm Mix
Steve Poindexter - Born to Freak
Robert Armani - Armani Tracks (Part Two)
K. Hand - Flash Back
Jeff Mills - Wrath of the Punisher
EVOL - Purple Melters A1
Mundo Muzique - Acid Pandemonium
Elec Pt. 1 - Fukka
K. Hand - Hey U Want It
K. Hand - Global Warning (Underground Mix)
DJ Skull - Nuclear Fall Out
JB3 - Forklift (Classic '93 Mix)
Chance McDermott - Cataclysm
Green Velvet - I Want To Leave My Body
DJ Deeon - Rubber Bass
Adam X - 600 Volts
Adam X - Lost in Hell (Paradise Mix)
Adonis - No Way Back (Vocal)
Plastikman - Helikopter
Robert Owens - Living in a Land
K. Hand - DEMF Anthem
H&M - Real Life
DJ Skull - Keep It Hard
DJ Metal X - Nervous Breakdown
Hardfloor - Once Again Back (Floor Mix)
Fred 3 - Clap Your Hands
JB3 - Presence
Damon Wild - Gearbox
Mike Dearborn - 312
Chancellor - Digital Drome
Chancellor - Heatseeker
Daz Saund & Ben Tisdall - Juggernaut
Mike Dearborn - Deviant Behaviour (Instrumental Mix)

"EVOL proceeds to bleach the 6am 'floor with a breakneck session of 150bpm hardcore techno NRG for the Makina fiends and any gurners still standing" (Boomkat)

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