Sn50 #3 ––– Published by Gang of Ducks. 48-page booklet + cassette.
Those Trax ––– Remixes from Mike Dred, Mark Broom, Drvg Cvltvre, 12".
Take Flat ––– Digital release on FLUF.

Roc Jimιnez de Cisneros and Stephen Sharp make mentasmic computer music and deformed techno objects.

Keywords: chronodyslexia, rave, synthesis, elasticity, time dilation, chronesthesia, goo, hoover-stretching, hyperobject, slime, psychedelia, fractal, upward spiral, downward spiral, warping, hooliganism, horns, horny, tetrafluoroethane, acid, freeze-frame, climax, recursive, poing, non-anthem, strobe, party boobytrap, fold-in, continuum, squashed, monolith, asymmetry, homeomorphic, recurrence, fluorescence, psy-donk, superflatness, superdeformation.

EU bookings ☞ katarzyna ((at)) annexagency ((dot)) co ((dot)) uk
Contact ☞ slimerave ((at)) gmail ((dot)) com


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